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Tudor England

Tudor England

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Family Tree of the Tudors

Henry VII

Henry VII - The Early Years

Henry VII - the man

The Battle of Bosworth

Securing the Throne

The Lambert Simnel Rebellion

The Yorkshire Rebellion of 1489

The Perkin Warbeck Rebellion

The Cornish Rebellion of 1497

Other Threats to Henry VII

Henry VII and Government

Henry VII and the nobles

Henry VII and Retaining

Henry VII and Local Government

Henry VII and JP's

Henry VII and the Royal Council

Henry VII and Provincial Councils

Henry VII and Parliament

Henry VII and Ireland

Henry VII and Finance

Henry VII and the Exchequer

Henry VII and Ordinary Revenue

Henry VII and Extraordinary Revenue

Henry VII and the Economy

Henry VII and Trade

Henry VII and Commerce

Henry VII and Europe

Prince Arthur

The death of Prince Arthur

Henry VIII

Henry VIII - the man

Henry VIII - Timeline

Henry VIII - a description

Henry VIII and his inheritance

The beliefs of Henry VIII

Henry VIII and government

Henry VIII and the nobility

Henry VIII and law and order

Henry's Divorce from Catherine

Henry and Divorce

Catherine of Aragon and Divorce

Wolsey and the Divorce

Thomas Cromwell and the Divorce

Europe and the Divorce

Church Abuses

The Reformation Parliament

The Concept of Imperium

The Act in Restraint of Appeals

The Break with Rome

Royal Supremacy

Challenges to Royal Supremacy

The causes of the Pilgrimage of Grace

The Pilgrimage of Grace

The Dissolution of the Monasteries

Henry VIII and Wolsey

Henry VIII and his six wives

The Church in 1547

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Catherine Howard

Catherine Parr

Cardinal Wolsey

Cardinal Wolsey - the man

Cardinal Wolsey and Wealth

Cardinal Wolsey and Power

Cardinal Wolsey and Government

Wolsey and service to Henry VIII

Wolsey and John Skelton

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas Cromwell and Government

Thomas Cromwell and Law and Order

Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII

Sir Thomas More

John Fisher

The Reformation

Thomas Cranmer

Hugh Latimer

Nicholas Ridley

Stephen Gardner

Henry VIII and Scotland

Henry VIII and Ireland

Henry VIII and Foreign Policy

Edward VI

The English Church from 1547 to 1550

The English Church from 1550 to 1553

The Western Rebellion

Foreign Policy 1547 to 1549

Foreign Policy 1549 to 1553

Edward Seymour

Edward Seymour and Government

The Fall of Seymour

John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland

John Dudley and Government

Lady Jane Grey

Mary I

Accession Crisis of 1553

Mary's claim to the throne

The Privy Council and Mary's Claim

Mary's Coronation

The Church 1553 to 1558

First Statute of Repeal

The Spanish Match

The Wyatt Rebellion of 1554

Foreign Policy 1553 to 1558

Elizabeth I

William Cecil, Lord Burghley

The Religious Settlement of 1559

Elizabeth I and the Church of England

Elizabeth I and Finances

Elizabeth I and Marriage

Elizabeth I and the Catholic Church

The Three Articles

John Whitgift

Elizabeth I and Succession

Elizabeth I and the Localities

Elizabeth I and France

Elizabeth I and Spain

The Treaty of Nonsuch

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots

Sir Francis Walsingham

The execution of Mary

The Spanish Armada

Queen Elizabeth's Tilbury speech

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Martin Frobisher

Sir John Hawkins

Sir Richard Grenville

Tudor London

Women in Tudor England

Tudor Manor Houses

The Poor in Elizabethan England

Tudor Medicine

Tudor Sports and Pastimes

Theatres in Tudor England

Tudor Christmas

Wales and Tudor England

Henry VII and Overseas Trade