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Medieval England

Medieval England

Medieval Kings and Queens

Edward the Confessor

Harold of Wessex



Battle of Hastings 1066

The Bayeux Tapestry

Motte and Bailey Castles


William the Conqueror

The Laws of William the Conqueror

Norman Place Names in England


Feudal Services


Coats of Arms

Royal Coats of Arms

Charges and Heraldry

Heraldry and Medieval Towns

Heraldic Terms

Domesday Book

Sussex and the Domesday Book

Medieval Cathedrals

Thomas Becket

Canterbury Cathedral

Building a Medieval Cathedral

Magna Carta

King John

The Black Death of 1348 to 1350

Cures for the Black Death

Peasants Revolt

The Hundred Years War

Medieval Farming

Medieval Farming

The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants

The Poor Peasant

Medieval Women

Medieval Manor Houses

Medieval names

Medieval Surnames

Food and Drink in Medieval England

The Medieval Church

Medieval Church Architecture

Gothic Church Architecture

Medieval Education

Medieval Studies

Medieval Universities

Geoffrey Chaucer

Medieval Masons

Medieval Monasteries

The organisation within a monastery

Positions of responsibility in a monastery

A day in the life of a nun

Health and Medicine in Medieval England

Medieval Towns

Medieval Guilds

Medieval Law and Order

The Halifax Gibbet

Medieval Christmas

The Longbow

The Crusades