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American Politics

American Politics

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2008 American Election

2006 Midterm Elections

Nancy Pelosi

Congress January 2007

Why America is a two-party system

The 2004 National Election

USA 2000 election

The Electoral College Votes for the 2000 National Election

America and Elections

Initiatives and America

Recall Elections and America

Referenda and America

Voting Patterns in America

Voting Behaviour in the 2000 election

Voting behaviour in the 1996 presidential election

The powers of the American President

The President and Congress

President and the Executive Office

Who is the more powerful

Presidents of the United States of America

USA presidents 1960



Congress 2005

Congressional Elections

Perrformance of Congress

Public Approval of Congress

Speaker of the House

Supreme Court

Can the Supreme Court be neutral?

Chief Justice Roy Moore v the Supreme Court

Political Parties

Beliefs of the Republican Party



State Parties

Party Organisation

Independent Political Parties

Units of Government

The concept of party is no longer relevant

Pressure Groups In America

Which are more powerful? British or American pressure groups?


Presidential Recruitment

Public Opinion


Democracy and America

Liberal Democracy

Which is more democratic? America or Britain?

American v British elections

President versus Prime Minister

Gerrymandering in the US

Political compromises in the lead up to the American Civil War

The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution